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Kim's Mother's Day Recipe: Marmorkuchen

Marmorkuchen for Mama Schnucki

Moms are special, we all know that. My Mama Schnucki is super special and even though I spoil her and show her how much I love her as much as I can, on Mother’s Day I like to put in extra effort.

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Eisheilige 2017 - When are the Ice Saints?

The days of the Eisheiligen {Ice Sacred} take place differently depending on the region from three to five days in mid-May. The term "Eisheilige" refers to old farming regulations, or to centuries of experience and weather observation

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Mama Schnucki's Easter Cooking - Hefezopf!

Hefezopf {Yeast Braid Loaf} (“Hefe” meaning yeast and “Zopf” meaning braid) is a traditional Easter bread in Germany, much like the hot cross bun in Australia. This was always our family favourite, and now you can make it like Mama Schnucki

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500 years of the Schäfflertanz in Munich!

A great Munich tradition is celebrating its' anniversary: ​​the Schäfflertanz (Schäfflerdance) is 500 years old this year!

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Valentine's Day Champagne Cocktail

We LOVE Champagne! And on Valentine's Day it's the perfect time to have a bit of fun and make a Champagne Cocktail!

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Mama Schnucki's Pfefernüsse for Christmas!

It's no secret, Mama Schnucki LOVES Christmas! Spending time with the family, the chance to put on her most festive dirndl and the chance to indulge in all the delicious treats of the season.

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Oktoberfest Brisbane 2016 - What a FABULOUS time!

Mama Schnucki at Oktoberfest Brisbane 2016

What an amazing couple of weeks it was at Oktoberfest Brisbane this year! The Schnucki Pop Up Shop was fantastic and we had so many people come in to Get Dressed in Their German Best (and have a catch up with Mama Schnucki)!

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Are you wearing the right bra for your dirndl?

Dirndl Bra

The dirndl is a garment that accentuates and celebrates femininity! If you want to present your bosom at its' very best (and let's face it, we all do!) then you simply must wear the right bra!

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How To: Clean Your Dirndl!

How to Clean your dirndl

We all know half the fun of wearing a dirndl is getting to go out and enjoy some food, drinks and good times with your friends and family! The not-so-good part is figuring out how to clean it after you've worn it. So here are our top tips for cleaning your dirndl so it will be ready to pull out for your next party (especially as Oktoberfest is fast approaching)!

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Mama Schnucki at TrendSet Country & Style in Munich

Mama Schucki at TrendSet Country & Style in Munich

Mama Schnucki recently visited the Country & Style Exhibition at the TrendSet Summer 2016 Fair. She managed to catch up with some of our fabulous suppliers and also check out the up and coming trends for next season! We can't wait to see the inspiration that she brings back to Schnucki HQ... 

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Behind The Scenes: Shooting for the New Range!

Schnucki Behind the Scenes

It's always exciting getting ready for a new range! We recently had a photo shoot with our gorgeous Schnucki models to get the new range up and ready to sell! 

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All about the Charivari!



Did you know... that Charivari means disarrangement or craziness? The word Charivari originally comes from the Latin word “Caribaria” which means “disarrangement” or “craziness”.

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How To: Complete your Traditional German Outfit

How to complete your traditional German outfit

Like any normal outfit you can also style your traditional German costume with amazing accessories.

Here some ideas for him - Buam and her - Madln!

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Schnucki went shopping


In March as per every year we flew to Germany to attend the ‘Supreme Tracht & Country’ Fair in Munich where over 20 exhibitors showcase their upcoming range for 2016.

We have met some amazing designers and manufacturers, gained a broader insight into the world of Traditional German Fashion and increased our circle of friends.

After much consideration and quality checking we have decided to stay with our current manufacturers of Dirndl and Lederhosen.

Krüger our main German dress manufacturer impressed not only us last year but also our customers. Their designs, colour matching, quality, craftsmanship and traditional Dirndl designs are impressive which explains why they are one of the best well known in Germany. This year Krüger blew our socks of yet again with their range and we have put together a stunning collection for our Australian customers, think flowers, fresh colours and amazing fabrics.

At Krüger picking the range for 2016 with Frau Schulz.

Almsach our main Lederhosen supplier is back on board again too, with even a bigger range for our male customers. Their leather is top quality and so is their craftsmanship. We have looked at many different manufacturers but only want to offer Australia the best. This year we have our staple range of the Plattler Simmerl and Seppl Poldi but also some more high quality Lederhosen, with g’sticks patterns (stitched pattern) and an amazing colour range from dark warm chocolate to light deer.

Picking the Lederhosen for the new range.

Furthermore, Almsach are our shirt suppliers and we have not found another that can top their quality. This year we have of course stocked up on our staple shirt colours, blue and white chequered, red and white chequered, berry and white chequered etc and have added some other amazing colours for this season as well as totally new designs. 

Almsach also supplies us with some high quality traditional linen and cotton Dirndls, which this year we have an even bigger range of!

Finalising our Dirndl range from Almsach for 2016.

From left, Regina Schusdzarra - (aka 'Mama Schnucki), Mr. Chawla (Almsach) and Kim Zoulek.

Stockerpoint supplies us with the best quality socks and Loiferl as well as one of our most sought after products, the men’s hats. We have stocked up on our men’s hats this year and have sizes 54 – 61 available. We have also stocked up on our traditional men’s knitted jackets and vests as well as the ladies knitted Dirndl jackets, so no matter how cool it gets we can look after you and make sure you look amazing in your traditional German outfits.

From left, Kim Zoulek, Rudy Brunner (Stockerpoint) and Regina Schusdzarra (aka 'Mama Schnucki').

We are most excited to announce that Bondi Kids, our traditional children’s supplier is back on board as well and we were able to extend our range from new born babies all the way through to the teens. You can buy the real Kids Lederhosen or Dirndl or you can opt for hot red Lederhosen shorts for the girls with Lederhosen print t-shirts or jeans Lederhosen shorts and matching t-shirts for the boys.

Sneak peak into what is to come in 2016, Bondi Kids.

And finally to our newest edition this year we have a traditional Dirndl designer on board, Hiebaum. Still a family run business, Hiebaum manufactures their own fabrics, use native sourced products and to this day still hand manufacture their traditional dresses. We are looking forward to the limited edition of traditional Austrian Dirndl dresses.

Dirndls from Hiebaum, top secret limited range for 2016.

Oktoberfest-Special: Trachten-Guide 2015

A Lady’s 5 ‘Must-haves’ for her German Outfit


1. The Dirndl

Naturally, the Dirndl forms the core of any woman’s complete German outfit. There are many varieties in our range, from the traditional cotton “Wash-Dirndls” through to modern, elegant hand printed silk fabrics or exquisite embroidery.

The length of the Dirndl is also important: The young ladies might prefer a shorter skirt (remember, not too short!), while the mature woman usually prefers a Midi or Long length skirt. These will play around the knee or down to the ankle respectively.


2. The right Dirndl blouse

Dirndl blouses are available in many different styles and cuts.

This upcoming Oktoberfest season, we recommend sticking with a traditional style blouse – simple and elegant with white ruching.

For the more adventurous, this season also brings a new style of lace Dirndl blouses.

3. Jewelry

Pearl necklaces in combination with Swarovski stones, deer antler pieces… anything is possible. Stunning handmade Charinis are the equivalent to the men’s Charivaris. Schnucki has jewelry to satisfy every taste and occasion.



4. The flower Head Band

Instead of fresh flowers, there is a simple and easy solution where nothing will wilt! We at Schnucki have a gorgeous range of handmade flower head pieces. Using silk flowers, they give your Dirndl a romantic touch.
An absolute must have!!!

4. Socks
The "Trachten" socks are making a big come back at this years Oktoberfest! Once frowned upon by the Fashion greats now an absolute must have, however they must be traditional and most definitely no ribbons on it!



A Man’s 5 ‘Must-haves’ for his German Outfit


1. Lederhosen

This season, the must have Lederhosen is the ‘Plattler’ style which finishes just above the knee. Schnucki’s range features beautifully embroidered Lederhosen which are available in either a ‘new’ look or a ‘worn in’ look. The trend in 2015 is to wear your ‘Plattler’ Lederhosen without braces.


2. Shirt

Though the available colours of traditional shirts are seemingly endless, traditionally a white shirt is the way to go. But in today’s modern times, almost anything goes. Schnucki’s range lets you choose between a myriad of colours chequered in with white, the list is almost endless! Many of the most recent designs feature elaborate embroidery on different and unique parts of the Shirts. Lastly we recommend that the shirt you choose should be made from 100% cotton. This way it will breath better during all the chicken dancing you’re bound to do wearing it!



3. Charivari

Charivari is worn on the front of your Lederhosen and consists of a strong silver or silver plated chain with and array of lucky charms. The most popular ones are silver coins, gemstones, venison teeth or very small pieces of deer antlers. It is important to always have an uneven number of charms on your Charivari, even numbers are said to bring about bad luck.

4. Socks

The style of Lederhosen you’ve chosen will determine what socks should be worn. With ‘Kniebund’ Lederhosen (which finish just below the knee) wear knee high socks which can be worn pulled up or scrunched down to the ankle. With ‘Plattler’ Lederhosen you have a choice: you can wear the knee length socks in the same ways, or choose ‘Loiferl’ which are best described as ‘socks for your calves’. Schnucki’s range includes these options in natural colours or, as is the trend this season, modern colours such as green, red and blue.

5. Hat

And to top it all off…. put a hat on it, because it is always good to wear a hat.

Typically, traditional hats are made from felt and finished with a variety of decorations such as hat bands, souvenir pins or a Gamsbart (tuft of chamois hair). Practical in the utmost sense, a traditional hat is also the fashionable way to complete any Man’s German outfit!

The Secret of the Dirndl Apron Bow

A secret only a few know is that in fact the apron bow on a woman's Dirndl indicates her marital status. Here we explain so that you are in the know and that no misunderstandings can happen to you!


Dirndl apron bow on the right side
Women, who wear the Dirndl bow on their right, signalize that their status is - taken! Because the wearer has found her happiness in love already, this means: Look but don't touch!

Dirndl apron bow in the middle
Tying the Dirndl bow in the middle front of the dress has two meanings: Virgin - for anyone over the age of 18 and Child for anyone under the age of 18.
Therefore, Tying the bow this way can attract a lot of incredulous looks, especially when the wearers themselves don't know its meaning. Different from what you might think (left-free, right-taken, middle-unsure?), these women are definitely not uncertain about their marital status.

Dirndl apron bow on the left side
Women who tie their apron on their left side, are single and ready to mingle. Flirting is also allowed, if not even desirable. However, the bow on the left side is not an open invitation or excuse for an immediate physical contact.

Dirndl apron bow in the back
Dirndl apron bow tied in the back can have two meanings - either the woman is a widow or a waitress. But that should be easy to decipher. Simply base your conclusion on the presence or absence of beer mugs in the woman's hands.

Charivari or Charini

Charivari or Charini


The word Charivari originaly comes from the Latin word “Caribaria” which means “disarrangement” or “craziness”. The Charivari (pronounced Shari-vari) is especially worn in the alpine regions of Bavaria and Tyrolia by both men and women. The men wear the Charivari on the front of the Lederhosen. The ladies Charivari is called “Charini” and is worn on the Dirndl apron or pinned to the bodice of the Dirndl.

Female Charini, can be worn on the apron or pinned to the bodice of the Dirndl.

The Charivari consists of a massive silver or silver plated chain with different kinds of lucky charms. The most popular ones are silver coins, gemstones, venison teeth or very small parts of deer antlers. The charms also show off the skills of hunters and are a very important status symbol for rich farmers.

It is important to always have an uneven number of charms on your Charivari, even numbers bring about bad luck.

In the last century, the tradition of the Charivari was almost lost but with today’s renaissance of traditional costumes, the Charivari has again an important meaning as traditional jewelery and gives each Lederhosen or Dirndl an individual note.


Nacht der Tracht

Nacht der Tracht

On her recent trip to Germany, Mama Schnucki had the pleasure of attending “Nacht der Tracht” - Night of the traditional dress. This event forms part of various major folk festivals and involves as many people wearing traditional dress as possible doing a Polonaise.

Night of the traditional dress was started in 2011 by the well known folk festival “Canstatter Wasen”, the world's second biggest folk festival after the Munich Oktoberfest. This "Schwabian Oktoberfest" takes place in Stuttgart which is in Baden Württemberg in the South of Germany. The aim was to create a new Guinness World Record by having the most people doing a Polonaise wearing traditional outfits such as Dirndls and Lederhosen. At the time, the record was set at 507 participants, making it into this famous book.

One year later at the Straubinger Gäuboden Festival in Bavaria, 1176 people in traditional outfits beat the previous record of the Canstatter Wasen.

Since then, many other events are aiming to beat the previous record. The Brezelfest in Speyer got hooked on this tradition, making "Nacht der Tracht" a regular part of their festival. In 2013, the Brezelfest set a new record with 1973 traditional outfit wearers becoming a part of the worlds longest Dirndl and Lederhosen Polonaise.

In 2015, Mama Schnucki was one of them laughing

  • IMG_1373
  • IMG_1376
  • IMG_1403
  • IMG_7577
  • IMG_7582
  • IMG_7586
  • IMG_7593
  • IMG_7594
  • IMG_7596
  • IMG_7599
  • IMG_7602
  • IMG_7603
  • IMG_7604
  • IMG_7609
  • IMG_7623

Dirndl Styles

Dirndl Styles

We would like to introduce you to the different styles and varieties of Dirndls……


Traditional – long “Maxi Dirndl”
Very traditional and for ever contemporary. With a long Dirndl you are ready for any occasion!
Long skirt - up to 85 - 90cm long.



Midi Dirndl – knee-length
Very trendy, always in style, preferred length at Oktoberfest.
Knee length skirt - 60 - 70cm long.




Mini Dirndl - Short and sexy(50 cm)
Short, cool and bold – the Mini Dirndl especially for the young ladies……
Skirt length - 50cm



Creative and classy – Designer Dirndl
Exclusively designed at the Ateliers of well known and famous Dirndl Designer’s.




Fashionable and modern – the Trend Dirndl
Every inch is a fashion statement. The must have Dirndl for all fashion victims and trendsetters.






Germany Adventures

Our new range for 2015 is on its way!

We looked long and hard for the best quality, most exquisite fabrics, newest styles and fashion - just for you!

Our recent trip to Germany was a success and we had a fabulous time. Schnucki saw, met and made many new friendships with amazing Dirndl and Lederhosen manufacturers, saw the most beautiful fabrics, exquisite craftsmanship and have chosen only the best for our 2015 range.

We look forward to hearing your comments once our new range has been published on our website. Until then, stay tuned!

Here some impressions from our trip.


  • Germany-Impressions-Arrival-in-Germany
  • Germany-Impressions-Augustiner
  • Germany-Impressions-Beer
  • Germany-Impressions-Breakfast
  • Germany-Impressions-Dried-Sunflowers
  • Germany-Impressions-Farm-House
  • Germany-Impressions-Favourite-IceCream
  • Germany-Impressions-GoisBock
  • Germany-Impressions-Granny-Kim
  • Germany-Impressions-Lunch
  • Germany-Impressions-MayBaum
  • Germany-Impressions-Morning-Walk-2


At the end of January, we had the pleasure to travel to South Australia to be part of the Adelaide Schützenfest. This was Schnucki’s first stall outing outside of Oktoberfest Brisbane.

We started our preparations for the journey in December and built a “Schnucki Box” which would hold and transport all of our stock and stall decorations to Adelaide. Mama Schnucki was busy buying a new and exciting range that we thought Adelaide would love.

On the day of departure we were super excited and decided to travel in style - Schnucki Style! Yes you guessed right, we put on our Dirndls and Lederhosen and drove to the airport. Once we arrived in Adelaide we did not waste any time and drove straight to site to receive our Schnucki Box and started building our beautiful stall!

The Schützenfest was a blast! Unfortunately we were so busy that we didn’t have the time to check it all out but we met lots of interesting and lovely people and made some great friendships!

Schnucki would like to thank Schützenfest for inviting us to a great event and all of you who came by and visited us. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank three very special people who helped us day and night, before and after the event. Thank you for your dedication, support, love and belief in Schnucki. Thank you Lothar, Boris and Hannes!


  • SchutzenfestAdelaide-Schnucki-2
  • SchutzenfestAdelaide-Schnucki-Alexandra-Kim
  • SchutzenfestAdelaide-Schnucki-Box
  • SchutzenfestAdelaide-Schnucki-Brad-Regina-Kim
  • SchutzenfestAdelaide-Schnucki-Dirndl-Range
  • SchutzenfestAdelaide-Schnucki-Hannes
  • SchutzenfestAdelaide-Schnucki-Kluperl
  • SchutzenfestAdelaide-Schnucki-Krysia-Regina
  • SchutzenfestAdelaide-Schnucki-Lederhosen-Range
  • SchutzenfestAdelaide-Schnucki-Samson-Family
  • SchutzenfestAdelaide-Schnucki-ScottishRange
  • SchutzenfestAdelaide-Schnucki-Stall-2
  • SchutzenfestAdelaide-Schnucki-Stall-3
  • SchutzenfestAdelaide-Schnucki-Stall
  • SchutzenfestAdelaide-Schnucki-Team
  • SchutzenfestAdelaide-Schnucki-Teens
  • SchutzenfestAdelaide-Schnucki-Traveling-Schnucki_Style
  • SchutzenfestAdelaide-Schnucki-Traveling
  • SchutzenfestAdelaide-Schnucki-Tyson-Boris-Kim
  • SchutzenfestAdelaide-Schnucki
  • SchutzenfestAdelaide-TheSchnuckis-

Holz vor der Hütt‘n!










The female décolleté is ultimately showcased at an Oktoberfest within a perfectly fit Dirndl;
 a delightful sight to men. With a few shared secret fashion tricks, your Dirndl will do all the work for you, whilst you enjoy feeling sexy.

Every women wants to feel that she is ‘Holz vor der Huett’n’ (well-endowed), 
and with the correct choice of blouse and Dirndl BH (bra) this will occur.


The Dirndl Blouse

The real Dirndl blouse is worn beneath a Dirndl dress. It is short and ends beneath the breasts, where it is often held with an elastic band, optimising a perfect fit. Some are short, mid-length or long sleeved and can even have pretty patterns on them.

The classical blouse is usually white with puffed sleeves and is mostly worn by the ‘Madln’ (Bavarian girls). Other colours are available, however much care needs to be taken to ensure they complement your Dirndl dress.




Now whilst the ‘Carmen Blouse’ seems to be an obvious choice as it is often seen at Oktoberfest, for a traditional look you should steer away from it! Due to its low cut neck-line and copious amount of skin showing, it is referred as the ‘gschlampert’ (messy) look!  But it all comes down to preference.


The Dirndl Bra


It is imperative that the Dirndl bra sits perfectly and maximises your décolleté, and is comfortable so you can truly enjoy your Oktoberfest visit.

  • Triumph-Amourette-300-WHP
  • Triumph-Beauty-Full-Basics-WHP
  • Triumph-Body-Chic-WDP

The perfect Dirndl bra has straps on the side and ¾ cups to ensure a good fit. Originally, no part of the bra was visible under the blouse, however a lot of manufactures now produce bras with laces and different patterns that complement or enhance the blouse and ultimately your outfit.

Check out Triumph for more options.

Lederhosen for the real guys…


Who doesn’t dream sitting on a beer bench at the Oktoberfest sipping an ice cold beer and a beautiful girl dressed in a Dirndl beside him!!!

But this will only work if you have the right Lederhosen.

The right Lederhosen accentuates the well formed Male butt and all the girls will look at the well toned calfs.


The Lederhosen buying guide

1. Lenght

There are two kinds of Lederhosen, one is called “Kniebund” which finishes below thee knee.

The other is called “Plattler” and finishes just before the knee (short)

Choosing the length of the Lederhosen depends on your preference, if you have nice calfs and want to show them off then the “Plattler” is your Lederhosen. If you have long slender legs the maybe you want to go with the “Kniebund”. It really all depends what you feel more comfortable in.


2. Leather

The most important thing about a Lederhosen is the leather. You can buy cheap Lederhosen, but they will be very uncomfortable, they don’t breath, they are sticky and just ugly.

The perfect leather for a Lederhosen is chamois tanned deerskin. It feels like a second skin, breathes well and is absorbent. However these are quite expensive, about Euro 1,000 + and hard to come by.

Then there is ‘Wildbock’ (wild buck) Leather which is easy to come by and most good modern Lederhosen are made from. You can also get cowhide and goatskin Lederhosen. But if you want the more authentic one that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, that breathes well, absorbs well and also feels like a second skin get a Wildbock Lederhosen.


3. Lederhosen Colour

Lederhosen come in many different colours, varying from black to dark brown, light brown and golden brown.


4. Embelishment

If you want the traditional look then don’t dare and experiment. When it comes to the embellishing of traditional Lederhosen stick with traditional motives such as calibrate or vine leaves and classic colours such as light green, moss green or yellow.

However if you want to break out of the norm and feel like embracing the New Range of 2015 do all but the above :)


5. Accessorising your Lederhosen

In the knife pocked you would usually place a ‘Nicker’, a hunting knife with a handle made out chamois or deer/stag antler. However when going to the Oktoberfest these are best left at home.

The braces are not a must. If you prefer to wear you Lederhosen without the braces you can definitely add a leather belt with a nice big buckle - this is a 2015 Range must.

To finish your Plattler Lederhosen outfit you have to wear the matching Lederhosen socks, which are called “Loferl”. They only cover the calves and come in white/green, white/brown and other modern colours. Stick with the White/Green and White/Brown for the 100% authentic Bavarian look.


6. Looking after your Lederhosen

Looking after your Lederhosen is easy, wear them regularly! Lederhosen are meant to get patina! It is important for many Lederhosen enthusiasts and proofs that one often and gladly wears his Lederhosen. The greasy shine makes the Lederhosen perfect.

However here a few tips:

  1. Air them regularly!
  2. If you put them in storage until next years Oktoberfest make sure it is in a place where they can breathe and don’t fold them!
  3. Never take them to the dry cleaners but rather spot treat them when necessary with a damp cloth.


7. What to look out for when buying your perfect Lederhosen

Lederhosen are meant to sit snug; it is wise to do the sitting test to see if you are comfortable. They will loosen once you wear them for a few hours, as your body heat will stretch them slightly, up to 3cm.

Keep in mind it is not advisable to buy them super snug so that you can’t sit down in the Biergarten drinking your beer and eating that pork knuckle.